4 Sweet Treats for Your Kindergarten/Preschool Graduation


My firstborn is graduating 8th grade this week, and in addition to a school dance and parents’€™ party, we are celebrating his success with a backyard barbecue on the weekend.

I’€™m not the only one with a child crossing a milestone this month though, and if you happen to have a college, high school, grade 8, grade 5, kindergarten or preschool graduation on your calendar this month, a few of these ideas will be a welcome addition to any celebration you may be planning:

Diploma Cookies:
Tie a ribbon, pipe cleaner or piece of thin licorice around the centre of Pirouette cookies to create an edible diploma sweet.

Chocolate Graduation Caps:
For this edible treat you will need the following for each chocolate graduation cap:

  • Foil-wrapped mini peanut butter cups
  • After-Eight thin mints or thin chocolate squares
  • Decorating frosting in any colour
  • Milk chocolate M&Ms

To make, remove the liner from the peanut butter cup and place each one upside down on a piece of parchment paper. Place a small dollop of frosting on the top of each cup and centre a mint over each. Using the frosting, make a loop tassel on top of the mint and cover the end of the loop with an M&M. For extra fun, place a lollipop stick into the centre of the bottom of each peanut butter cup to create a ‘graduation cap on a stick’.

Candy Buffet:
Fill Mason jars and/or other clear vessels with assorted candies in the school colours.

Class Portrait Cookies:
This is a fun activity for a class, or for a teacher to make for his/her students: follow the recipe for our ‘canvas cookies‘ and draw portraits of each student on a cookie and write their name along the bottom. Side note: This would make an awesome homemade teacher’€™s gift. Ask that each student in the class draw a picture of themselves on a small piece of paper. Replicate the drawings onto the cookies and present a box of ‘€˜classroom treats’€™ to the teacher for an end of year gift.


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