5 Easy Ways to Update Your Kitchen


Kitchens are my favourite room to design for families due to the impact they have on a family’s life. The kitchen is where families are nourished, memories are made, and people are cared for—and this sentiment was all kept in mind for a renovation project I completed for nutrition expert Jenn Pike. In eight weeks we transformed her space from dark and dreary to a textured bright space for her to create in.

While renovating can present challenges, it does not always have to be hard. If you’re dreaming of being able to update your kitchen, here are a few easy trends that won’t look dated…

Easy Ways to Update Your Kitchen - SavvyMom

5 Easy Ways to Update Your Kitchen

1. Add a Rustic Touch

This is a trend that is sticking around! It’s such a great way to update your kitchen without necessarily having to make a big mess. We used this trend in Jenn’s kitchen with this beautiful table and chair set and hammered metal pendant lights from Artemano. Made from scratch by artisans sourced from all over the world, it’s the handmade touch that makes this trend so popular. If you’re tackling the kind of reno where mess is necessary, consider using a hardwood floor with this same rustic element. Again a trend that is currently popular—but I argue will be around for a while—is a floor with a hand-scraped element like this engineered hardwood from Torly’s.


2. Update an Appliance or Fixture

This is a really easy way to update your kitchen without going through a huge reno. Usually, it’s fairly simple to replace an appliance of the same size, or a fixture like your kitchen faucet. Between feeding her family and the creating recipes for her cookbooks, Jenn’s kitchen is constantly in high demand and in need of products that will last. So we replaced her kitchen faucet with my favourite Delta Trinsic faucet and matching soap dispenser which boasts touch-activated technology—so no fumbling with the faucet when your hands are covered in kitchen mess.

And then when you’ve enjoyed your healthy meal, make clean up a breeze with an efficient dishwasher. I honestly don’t know what I did without a dishwasher before—they simply make life easier so you can get back to enjoying time with your family. Look for a product that will take the guesswork out for you. This Whirlpool dishwasher has an intuitive sensor that measures how many dishes it needs to clean, and how dirty they are, so it can intuitively adjust itself to the right wash and dry settings. Doesn’t get simpler than that!


3. Change Your Backsplash

The backsplash is one of the ways you can make a major visual win in the kitchen. On my design consultations it is usually one of the first things I recommend to swap out when you need a kitchen update. Whether you add some sparkle with the glass mosaic tile, or choose a more natural, rustic material, the backsplash can add a pop of colour and texture that make a big visual impact in a kitchen. This Silver Fox backsplash by ErthCoverings provides another rustic element and just looks like a piece of art in Jenn’s space.  Made of 100% high quality natural stone, the multi-height backsplash comes in large modular pieces (as opposed to individual small strips) so installation is quick and clean. For a custom look, consider bringing your backsplash all the way up the wall above your upper cabinets—it will create a cohesive look and make your ceilings soar.


4. Update Your Cabinet Hardware

Updating your exterior cabinet pulls is one way to create an update in your kitchen. But why not think about updating your interior hardware as well? In Jenn’s kitchen we used GRASS soft-close cabinet and drawer hardware. Again, you might be thinking- what’s the big deal with interior hardware? No one will even see it! As much as I want to create exterior beauty, I also want to create AMAZING function in my projects. And quality drawers and hinges that won’t bang, slam, or pinch little fingers when in use is great function for me.


5. Add Some Colour

This is a fun and really easy way to update a space, and in Jenn’s kitchen we had fun with the accessories. I think a space should really reflect the personality of its user, and Jenn is as vivacious as they come! So we added pops of orange and teal in accessories from HomeSense. This orange toaster is such a charming addition to Jenn’s counter.

Style a surface like a pro by using a mixture of textures. I always try to incorporate a mix of natural woods and linens, shiny ceramics, sparkly glass, and matte concrete in a space for a modern, on trend look. Repeat a colour at least 3 times in a space to keep things cohesive. And don’t be afraid of colour, especially in a neutral space (the paint colour is a neutral Cabot Trail by Benjamin Moore), the pops of orange and teal are fun and lively.


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