6 Eco-Friendly Décor Ideas for Outdoor Living

Green Decor Ideas for Outdoor Living - SavvyMom

Now that the warmer weather is finally here, it’s time to take advantage of the better temperatures and sunshine and spend more time outdoors. Take an eco-friendly approach to your outdoor living décor with our green decorating ideas that look great, and that won’t harm the earth.

Green Décor Ideas for Outdoor Living

Potted Herbs

Herbs planted up in vibrant terracotta or colour-coordinated ceramic containers make for outdoor decorations that are both pretty and useful. Head to your local thrift store to stock up on planters (it’s OK if they’re mismatched – that adds to the charm) and plant them up with your favourite herbs. We like rosemary, basil, and oregano, but use what you know you’ll use.

Local Flowers

Skip the imported blooms which are shipped from far and wide for whatever flowers are local and in season. You’ll save money making eco-friendly decorating choices and be supporting florists in your neighbourhood. Farmer’s markets can often be a good place to find local blooms.

Decorate with Edibles

No, not those edibles. Show off spring’s bounty by using fresh fruit and vegetables to decorate. Kale and chard in tall glass vases, citrus fruits piled high in wooden bowls and carrots with their tops intact standing up in mason jars all make for fun, eco-friendly decorating ideas to spruce up your outdoor spaces. The best part: the only cleanup required is eating what you’ve decorated with.

Soy or Beeswax Candles

Candles provide instant ambiance and sprinkling them across several surfaces is a simple way to add elegance to your outdoor evenings. Choose beeswax or soy candles over regular candles as an eco-friendly choice. Both of which burn more cleanly than other varieties. Beeswax tea lights in simple glass holders lined up down the center of a communal table, or clustered on smaller tables adds flattering light and warmth.

Colourful Blankets, Throws & Pillows

Since spring evenings can still be chilly, ensure you and any guests stay warm and your outdoor space looks great by having colourful blankets and throws on hand. They add a homey, decorative touch no matter where you stack them (several rolled up in large baskets or galvanized steel buckets look great). Choose bright colours and bold patterns to really make a spring statement.

Spruced-Up Garage Sale Finds

Create extra seating indoors or out and add a punch of colour to your party by upcycling salvaged stools and chairs. Paint them in some spring-ready hues like tangerine, pink, lavender, and turquoise and place them around your yard or in your home. They’re functional as well as being decorative in a rustic-chic way that’s perfect for outdoor living.


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