To All the Women Who Have Always Wanted to Be a Mother

To the Moms

To all of the women who have wanted to be a mother for as long as you can remember and are still trying to make that wish come true: I hear you.

To all of the women sitting in the waiting room of your fertility clinic, undergoing another month of cycle monitoring, scrolling through your newsfeed while you wait, only to see all of the happy Mother’s Day wishes and smiling baby pics, and wanting to ball your eyes out and scream at the top of your lungs: I hear you.

To all of the women who have had a positive pregnancy test only to lose it a few weeks later: I hear you.

To all of the women who cry in the shower after months of failed attempts, questioning why you can’t be a mother like everyone else you know: I hear you.

To all of the women who have felt angry when it seems like every friend, family member, and general acquaintance you know is welcoming a new baby, or a second, or a third, and deep down you so badly just want to carry one full term: I hear you.

To all of you women who have come to resent hearing, “It will be okay.” I hear you.

If You’ve Always Wanted to Be a Mother…

If you feel you are alone this Mother’s Day, know that you are not. For every smiling face in your newsfeed this week, there will also be one with a story behind it.

Motherhood is not for wimps and that started the moment you decided to try to become a mom.  The best things in life are worth fighting for they say, and trust me, some of you will put up such a fight.

Yes there will be a spike in flower sales and jewelry sales this weekend, but if you are grieving or depressed and still waiting for your Mom moment to come, it’s okay to cry this Sunday and resent and scream and perhaps even pound your pillow. You aren’t alone.

This Mother’s Day will mark a celebration of the second child who has come to call me Mom and I count my lucky stars every day for being given the gift of two beautiful baby girls. But I can’t help but always think of all of those forlorn faces in the fertility clinic waiting room, with their the tight lips and dark eyes. The faces of those women who so badly want something that comes so easy to so many others.

I sometimes feel guilty when I yell at my daughter in the morning to put her shoes on for the fifteenth time, because there are some mothers who would give anything to have a child—and here I am rushing mine along.

It was a long journey to have our second one, but this weekend I will count my blessings that I have diapers to change, arguments to settle, toys to pick up, tears to wipe away and absolute exhaustion like no other.

Motherhood is hands down the hardest job in the whole wide world, and once a women decides to make motherhood a reality and steps into the ring with no protection, it is a battle.

This Mother’s Day, let’s try to remember how lucky we are, and be kind to those still fighting for the chance to be given a mug declaring them the best mom in the world. I will proudly wear my homemade macaroni necklace and think of each and every one of you still fighting for it.

I hear you.


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