Easy Kids Bedroom Updates

Easy Kids Bedroom Updates - SavvyMom

Kids’ likes and dislikes change over time. Those bright pink walls? No longer a fan. All dark green or blue? Kids want a change. Grown out of characters and themes? After painting everything a basic neutral, there are lots of other ways to create kids bedroom updates by investing in accessories and other smaller pieces that are easy to switch in an out. The days of crib assembly and baby sleep regressions are long gone. These easy kids bedroom updates will see them through another few years, at least. Plus, a room makeover is always a fun project.

Easy Kids Bedroom Updates that Grow with Your Child

Kids Bedroom Updates Mini Print - SavvyMom

Ongaku Tin Mini Prints

Small prints are great for attaching to walls with paint-safe washi tape. They work well solo or as part of a curated collection. We love the retro feel and colours in this little gem.

$10 – Buy Here

Kids Bedroom Updates: Bedding - SavvyMom

Duvet Bedding Bundle

This bundle of pillow cases, fitted sheet, flat sheet, and duvet cover looks great in a variety of muted hues that work so well together – a welcome departure from monochrome. This set will take them all the way to the dorm room.

$300 – Buy Here

Kids Bedroom Updates: Organizer - SavvyMom

Three-Drawer Organizer

Between bracelets, rings, fidgets, collectible cards, photos – kids can accumulate a lot of stuff. This three-drawer organizer will keep it all curtailed with style.

$22 – Buy Here

Folding Crate Kids Bedroom Updates - SavvyMom

Cobalt Blue Folding Crate

This stylish crate is wonderful for everything from clothes to sports equipment. But unlike our “borrowed” milk crates from back in the day, when this one is not in use, it folds down to save on space.

$20 – Buy Here

Kids Bedroom Updates: Terra Throw - SavvyMom

Terra Throw

Different on each side, soft muslin fabric, botanical print, boho fringe – perfect! We may just keep this one for our own room.

$90 – Buy Here

Easy Kids Bedroom Updates BC Pennant - SavvyMom

British Columbia Pennant

This bold pennant, with retro style and true Canadian flair, will look amazing against a bright white bedroom wall.

$25 – Buy Here

Everyday Catchall Dish - SavvyMom

Scalloped Petit Plate

Every room needs an “everything” dish for jewellery, keys, or important receipts. It’s also a great place to stash a “just because” pep talk note. This delicate pink plate works with a variety of styles.

$12 – Buy Here

Arch Mirror - SavvyMom

Arch Mirror

There comes a time when the kiddos like to check out their hair before heading out the door. Let them do so in the privacy of their room by installing this cool and modern mirror. Looks as good as they do!

$101 – Buy Here

Easy Kids Bedroom Updates Matisse Print - SavvyMom

Salon D’Automne Poster

Matisse is back in a big way, and we’re more than happy to help our little artistes decorate with these stunning pieces.

From $8 – Buy Here

Starlight Stitch Quilt - SavvyMom

Starlight Stitch Quilt

When you can’t actually be sleeping out under the stars, this patchwork quilt is the next best thing. Classically neutral colours and designs make it a hit with everyone, plus it’s lightweight enough for year-round use.

From $194 – Buy Here

Desert Road Poster - SavvyMom

Desert Road Poster

If the open road or the desert calls, this is the right wall décor. It’s a wonderful pick for the adventurous spirit who dreams of places unseen.

From $8 – Buy Here

Mini Icon Trashcan - SavvyMom

Mini Icon Trash Can

Here’s a stylish way to take out the trash. This mushroom-shaped wastebasket is very cute and totally on-trend.

$34 – Buy Here

HM Rattan Mirror Kids Bedroom Updates - SavvyMom

Rattan Mirror

Mirror, mirror, on the wall… we see one of the easiest kids bedroom updates. The rattan works well with a beachy theme and its neutral hues go with everything.

$40 – Buy Here

HM Linen Pillowcase - SavvyMom

Washed Linen Pillowcase

Linen bedding is everything. We love how soft it is and it just gets better with age. These colours are on-trend and perfect for the kiddos as they personalize their space.

$20 – Buy Here

Decorative Vines Set - SavvyMom

Decorative Vines Set

These vines just make a room so much more interesting. Whether the theme is tropical wilderness or dreamy garden, this greenery adds texture and makes a great accent.

$16 – Buy Here

Zara Cotton Pouf - SavvyMom

Cotton Pouf

The beanbag chair grows up with this elegant pouf, still the place to be for reading or listening to music. It also makes for great extra seating when friends come by.

$209 – Buy Here

Printed Sherpa Throw - SavvyMom

Printed Shearling Throw

So many cool prints, not enough surfaces! Everyone in the family will want to pick out their own favourite pattern on these super cozy blankets. They’re just the ticket for an extra layer on bed or for curling up, watching movies.

$79 – Buy Here

Easy Kids Bedroom Updates Plant - SavvyMom

Faux Seeded Eucalyptus

These beautiful stems look just so pleasing when placed in a bud vase or, for bigger bunches, a large glass or ceramic vessel. They’re just what our little plant lover was hoping for.

$5 per stem – Buy Here


Cotton Storage Basket

We all need storage, and this basket is perfect for everything from extra throws and sweatshirts to towels and toilet paper in the bathroom. They look much better than a pile of clutter.

$20 – Buy Here


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