5 Fun Ideas for Savouring the Summer

Jan Scott September 6, 2016
Summer Vacation Ritual - Full Size

Most of us have one week of summer left, and I’m on a mission to help us all make the very most of this sacred time.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m an autumn girl through and through and I can’t wait to throw on a cable knit sweater and pick some apples, but until then I plan on savouring every second of the coming week with my kids. Here are a few ideas I have for savouring the end of the summer season:

  1. Last year, I told you about my end of summer checklist. I’ve made another one for the coming week and it includes a drive-in movie, preserving a large batch of pickles, and buying dinner from the food trucks that have been set up not too far from my home all summer. What’s on your list?
  1. I’ve started working on our annual end of summer quiz, and plan on passing it out to the boys next week. This accidental keepsake is one we all cherish and is such a wonderful way to remember the seemingly insignificant details of our summer.
  1. I really love the idea of ending the summer with a celebratory meal, which is why I always try to host a dinner on Labour Day weekend. I rarely deviate from this late-summer buffet menu, mostly because it’s one that pleases eaters of all ages and is so simple to put together, leaving more time to hang outside with the fam.
  1. No special occasion dinner would be complete without some end of summer cocktails, but I also really like the idea of just pouring a drink or two for my husband and I to enjoy outside next week after the baby is in bed. Despite the heat and humidity during the day, the evenings are almost always cooler at the end of the August, and it’s a perfect way to spend our time at the end of a long day. We have all fall and winter to sit inside in front of the TV or computer.
  1. Lastly, I’m going to adopt our summer vacation ritual and put it into practice next week: we’ll eat ice cream every afternoon in between afternoon naps and swim time. It really is the little things that make the best memories.

Oh, and here’s a bonus idea: my middle son recently requested that we print one of his favourite Instagram pictures from the summer and hang it over his desk. Such a great idea! I uploaded the chosen pic to Costco’s website, and printed the image as a 12×12 photo. Then I went to Ikea and bought a frame that fits the picture’s size perfectly, and hung it just as he requested. Now, every time we walk by the photo we remember that summer day and it brings a smile to all of our faces.

Tell us, what are you doing to savour the final days of summer?

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