50 Easy Summer Entertaining Ideas

Summer Entertaining Cheers

The key to enjoying family and friends all summer long is with simple party solutions. Keep the behind-the-scenes workload easy with some of these Easy Summer Entertaining Ideas – from drinks to decor, side dishes and more.

Strawberry Mojito
Hit the spot with this easy chopped-strawberry and mint mojito recipe. With infused flavours of lemon and white rum, and a frosting of sugar along the rim, your guests will be refreshed and relaxed after just one glass.

Savoury Turkey Burgers with Cranberry Mayo
Top these lean, scrumptious burgers with some sharp cranberry mayo’€”yes, you heard that correctly’€”and your guests won’€™t be leaving any time soon.

Grilled Pineapple with Cinnamon Coconut Sugar
You can’€™t say summer without the picture perfect image of a smoking grill and a plate piled high with chopped fruits. So why not combine the two? The idea of grilled pineapple might sound ludicrous, but when coated with coconut sugar and served with ice cream, this dessert will win over your guests’€™ previous judgement.

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