Walk This Way


Getting from A to B isn’t as easy as 1-2-3 anymore. Increased traffic on roads and a significant rise in distracted driving means our kids need to be street smart sooner rather than later. Step up your family’s sidewalk travel savvy with these 8 Road Safety Tips for Kids, our guide to common sense tips for every age and stage.

Model Behaviour 
There’s no denying moms are marvellous at multitasking. But modeling your ability to walk the dog, stuff a backpack, sign a permission slip and chat with a neighbour while walking kids across the street can send a mixed message. Impressionable eyes are absorbing our walking habits, so follow the golden rules (cross only at the corners, stop, look and listen) yourself and your minions might more easily follow suit. (Stay Safe!)

Make Eye Contact
With accidentally or deliberately distracted drivers focusing on traffic lights, things in their vehicle, and other surroundings, simply stopping at a street corner often isn’t enough. Teach kids to make direct eye contact with the drivers at intersections. Do this even when they are with you to get them into the habit. (Stay Safe!)

Stop, look, and listen. We’ve got what they—and you—need to know to get there safely in our 8 Road Safety Tips for Kids.




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