9 Financial Mistakes to Avoid

Cash in on these financial tips in order to see savings in the long run—here are nine ways to get started.

Investing time in your kids? Smart.

Investing in ways to lose money? Not so much.

Cash in on some (or all) of these money-wise tips, and you’€™ll see savings in the long run. Here are Financial Mistakes to Avoid (so you can use that tax refund wisely).

No Big Deal: Daily Deal Sites
It’€™s only a deep discount score if you’€™re saving on something you need or normally use, €”like free time to yourself. (We’€™re still waiting for a 2-for-1 deal on that.) Until then, exercise restraint and you’€™ll save a bundle.

The Land of Misbegotten Fees
You signed up for Netflix (read: 6 am Dora episodes in bed), but you forgot to cancel it, along with several other sites and services you don’€™t regularly use, yet charge monthly fees. These add up. Sign out from the insanity.

Be Less than Upfront About It
Along came a tall, handsome stranger, €”or someone who said they would fix your roof, and he walked away with your cash and left a hole behind. Do your due diligence, and don’€™t pay too much upfront for home renos or repairs.

So keep a bit more coin in your pocket: here are all of our Financial Mistakes to Avoid.

We think they make a lot of ‘€˜cents’€™.


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