A Ballooning Problem for Parties

Empty Pile of Balloons

Did you hear? Mother Earth is currently facing a helium shortage, and while I don’€™t profess to know the exact science behind why this lighter-than-air gas is in short supply, I do know that it has something to with party balloons.

In fact, scientists are currently petitioning for a ban on helium use unless it’€™s a critical and essential requirement. This could mean no more helium-filled balloons, which is fine by me if it means we’€™re closer to preserving one of our most precious natural gases.

But as a party planner, I know a lot of moms who are wondering what to do with their favourite party decoration now that there may not be any helium to fill them with. The good news is there are lots of options.

For example, in 2011 we put together a balloon banner for our Canada Day edition of PartySavvy. This simple banner can be hung in a doorway, across a window or along a bookshelf, and the colours can be customized to suit any theme or season. Consider it a highly festive decoration without much fuss– €”or helium.

Alternatively, one of my favourite party supplies are the balloons sticks you can pick up for less than $2 at most party supply or dollar stores. For my son’€™s Lego-themed birthday, we blew up a few coloured balloons and attached them to sticks, which were inserted into a jar of Lego pieces. The effect was similar to helium filled balloon but it was much easier to put together and more economical too.

Do you have any favourite tips for helium-free balloon decorating?


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