A Bright Smoothie for Your Dark Winter Days

Orange and Carrot Smoothie

I’m eight weeks away from the birth of my new baby, and I thought it was time to share with you the only thing I’ve been craving this entire pregnancy. Coincidentally, it also happens to be vibrant, fresh, and super healthy, making it perfect for anyone, not just those of us who are 32 weeks pregnant.

My husband has joined me in my daily smoothie addiction, now that he knows how tasty it is, but when he first heard the rundown of ingredients he immediately turned up his nose and walked away. He alters his smoothie slightly, adding a banana and a scoop of protein powder, but I prefer mine as is: all natural and made with only a few simple ingredients.

To make this colourful concoction, combine 2 cups of frozen tropical fruit (I use a blend of mango, pineapple, peaches, and strawberries) with 1 cup of 100% pure carrot juice and 1 cup of coconut water. Blend until smooth, then sip at your leisure. I know it sounds completely insane to crave something so cold during the winter, but I think my body loves the refreshing flavour so much it’s willing to overlook the frostiness of the drink.

Coconut water is an excellent source of potassium and magnesium for pregnant women, so I like including it here. It’s also a good source of dietary fibre, calcium, and Vitamin C, which is beneficial for everyone.

The carrot juice is an excellent source of antioxidant-rich Vitamin A, and is also low in calories. Feel free to use half orange juice (freshly squeezed if possible) and half carrot juice if you think you might like that flavour combination a little more. I’ve done the swap a handful of times and think the results are truly delicious.

It should also be said that kids are completely intrigued by the colour of this smoothie. It’s fun and colourful and would make an excellent addition to the breakfast table, don’t you think?

Do you have any third trimester pregnancy cravings? Also, what’s your favourite smoothie flavour combination these days?


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