A Fine Mess for Dessert


I’€™m convinced that messy food often tastes better than it’€™s perfectly plated counterpart, and this seasonal recipe is no exception.
Eton Mess, an English dessert comprised of meringues, whipped cream and fresh fruit, has been making an appearance on my table quite frequently lately and it may just have something to do with the influence of a certain TV show I’€™m semi-obsessed with (Downton Abbey, I’€™m looking at you!).

But the more I’€™ve been making it, the more I’€™m realizing that it’€™s a perfect back-pocket recipe for any home cook, and can easily be changed by whatever fruit you have stocked in your fridge. The meringues can be from scratch, or you can use store-bought ones instead, and the rhubarb can give way to summer berries, stone fruits, and pears or cranberries.

If you’€™re feeling tired of any of those, mashed bananas work great too, and the kids love that flavour combination. Once you know how to make this, your what-to-make-for-dessert dilemma will forever be solved.

Find the full printable recipe here: Rhubarb Eton Mess


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