A Healthier Chocolate Chip Cookie


One of my food goals for 2012 was to try using more natural sugars in place of traditional ones in my cooking and baking. I didn’t state it at the time, but I also wanted to move away from white flour as much as possible, and replace it with whole grain varieties.

When I came across the following cookie recipe, I was delighted to learn that it insisted I use nothing but pure whole wheat flour. I’ve also heard of folks swapping out the wheat grain for a gluten-free variety, and they’ve had great success with that as well. This is really a recipe that allows you to use whatever works best for your dietary needs, while still enjoying the taste of a classic chocolate chip cookie.

The original recipe calls for granulated sugar, but I have used organic cane sugar and muscavado sugar in its place, and both worked brilliantly. I have left the recipe intact from the original version, but if you’re interested in trying alternative flours and sugars, this would be a good base to start from.

Have you tried baking with new varieties of flours and sugars? If so, please share some of your favourite recipes with us!

Find the full printable recipe here: Whole Grain Chocolate Chip Cookies


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