A Parent’s Guide to Surviving the First Year of Daycare & School Colds

Young boy at school coughing into his arm.
Young boy at school coughing into his arm.

If you have a little one starting daycare or school this fall, there will likely be a lot of excitement coupled with a lot of germs during those first 8 to 12 months. Here’s what you need to know about managing your kids’ colds and keeping everyone as happy and healthy as possible.

Teach them to blow their nose

Getting the guck out of their noses is key—but mastering the fine art of nose blowing is a tricky concept for little ones. If you can still get away with a nasal aspirator, by all means, go for it. But if your child is too old for that, have them practice blowing their own nose by closing their mouth and blowing air out of their nostrils. You may even want to try one nostril at a time until they get the hang of it. The important thing is to clear the nasal passages, so they can breathe and sleep better.

Wash hands like it’s going out of style

One of the best ways to get rid of germs and stay healthy is to wash those little hands often (and your own as well!) When you get home from school or daycare, head right to the washroom to wash your toddler or little one’s hands. Be vigilant about washing before eating or when they interact with siblings as well.

Manage their cold until they’re on the mend

Seeing your wee one sick is heartbreaking. But germs and colds just can’t be avoided sometimes. The trick is to help ease their symptoms and manage their cold until they’re completely healthy again. Using Children’s Advil gives up to 8 hours of fever relief so that your little one can get back to being themselves again.

Humidify their nights

When your child is congested, getting a good sleep is almost impossible (for you and your little one).  One way of easing the congestion is by setting up a cool mist humidifier in your home to take some of the dryness out of the air.  Just be sure to follow the safety and cleaning instructions.  Don’t have a humidifier? Running a hot shower and hanging out in a steamy bathroom will do in a pinch!

Fluids. Fluids. Fluids.

Preventing dehydration when your child has a cold is important. Offer them water or clear liquids like juice often to help with dehydration. We like to serve up a popsicle or two when the kids get fussy, too. Anything to get some fluids into them while they’re under the weather.

Rest. Rest. Rest.

Most doctors will tell you that rest is one of the most important things for your child when they’re sick. It can be hard to achieve, but getting your little one to nap, go to bed early, or spend an afternoon or two on the couch is a big part of getting healthy quicker.

Tag team the sick days

Since it really is best if you can stay home and let your little one rest up, try tag-teaming your days off with your partner or another family member (Grandma or Grandpa?) to help until they’re all healthy again. Save those days off for the fun stuff!

Try to relax

It truly is awful to see your little one suffer. But, as we mentioned, the best way for a sick kid to get better is with time and rest. So try your best to relax as well. Hopefully your little one will follow your lead.


This post is brought to you by Children’s Advil but the opinions are our own.



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