A Baby’s Tale

Baby's Tale with Mom and Dad

Who? Me?

But I’m an angel. I make the ladies smile and the children gather around. I chortle and giggle. When I sleep, the world sleeps with me. Clouds part and the air grows clear and crisp. A peace like no other blankets the world over.

I love to kick and punch at the air, but it’s only because my muscles are confused. I dream of the day I can bring you both breakfast in bed. Today, it’s just fun to put stuff in my mouth. How wonderful stuff is in my mouth. So you see, things are changing. I know I still spit up a lot, but that’s just an immature digestive system, it shall pass, I promise. But Mom, you say Daddy’s immature—I don’t see that passing. A little patience is all I ask.

More importantly Mommy, you seem distracted recently by these activities you call ‘work’. I guess it’s OK to go to the studio with you. I heard Christmas is coming and you must prepare for brisk sales. I understand. But it feels decidedly less about me.

I know my evening angst and vocal stretching isn’t making anybody happy. But before we change it up, I’d like to try something else new. Now don’t be frustrated, I just feel 2 am to 5 am is the best time for us to bond, recap our days and maybe drift away while cradled in your bosom. Lovely. No. No! I’m not ready for the crib, just another hour with you, that’s all I want. See what you’ve done! Now you’re going to have to walk me around the house and start again. Focus Mother. Why can’t you focus?


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