A Shopping Spree


We’ve been telling you about it for the past few weeks on SavvyMom, we put on a big display a booth at the Toronto BabyTime Show and we even hosted a fashion show to help promote it. So you can see that we’re very excited about our partnership with Please Mum and the SavvyMom Stylish Kid Contest we are running with them this month.
We teamed up with Please Mum because we think it’s a great Canadian brand (run by a mom entrepreneur) that makes great clothes for kids that are fun, stylish and practical. (Did we mention they’re affordable, too?)

And for you, our loyal readers, we are offering a chance to win a shopping spree worth $500. With the great deals and discounts at Please Mum, you can buy a lot of fabulous kids’ clothes with that!

So if you still haven’t entered, go ahead and do it now before the contest ends. Haven’t you always wanted to go on a shopping spree?


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