Savvy Spinach


This month is all about spinach on EatSavvy. I know… it’s not exactly the first ingredient one thinks of when cooking for the family. In fact, spinach was pretty much the only food I didn’t like as a child. Seriously, I like to eat pretty much everything, and now I like spinach, so there’s really nothing left.
But as we thought about the fresh ingredients that are available this time of year, spinach topped the list. Then we looked at some of the interesting and fun ways to serve it up and we set out to undo the bad rap that spinach gets. Besides, the fact that it’s a superfood and chock full of goodness, we found some pretty creative ways to enjoy it. No soggy, slimy steamed spinach for our kids. They’re feasting on fruity spinach salads, soufflés and dips. It’s good to eat your greens.

I hope you enjoy this month’s EatSavvy as much as my family did.

Image courtesy of Holly Sisson Photography


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