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In case you didn’t notice, we launched a new Tips section on our website last week. I would be surprised to learn that you hadn’t noticed because we have had hundreds of reader tips submitted already. I’m sure many are a response to the contest we launched, but there are so many more entries than usual. We’re pretty sure that means our readers want to share with us. What’s even better than the volume of tips submitted is the quality of tips being sent in. So many of them have been chosen by our editorial team and can now be viewed for everyone to read and benefit from.
The thing is, we know our readers are savvy and you have lots of little nuggets that you have picked up through your own experiences as moms. Some you might have learned from your own mom, your sister, your best friend or just figured out yourself.

Whatever they are, we want to hear them. Share the good stuff with us—the things that get you through the day and make you smile or help to avoid a tantrum. The really savvy ones will be posted on the site and perhaps even on the newsletter. Wouldn’t it be fun to see your name on SavvyMom?

Here is one of my faves so far:

“When using rubber gloves, fold the edges back to catch the drips running towards your arm. This is particularly helpful when cleaning the toilet.” Submitted by Nadia

Tell us those golden nuggets that help get you through your day. I would love to hear from you.

Submit your SavvyTip here.


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