A Village of Cooks


We all know it takes an army of people to help raise our children. But did you know it also takes a pack of people to turn us into good home cooks, too?
I think the best thing about cooking (and blogging) is sharing those little golden nuggets of wisdom you pick-up along the way; those tips and tricks that make daily cooking so much easier.

Two of my favourite kitchen tips are:

  • Always keep two bowls on the counter when you’re preparing food; one for the garbage and one for the compost. It saves time and you don’t need to run back and forth while you’re cooking.
  • Create a laminated recipe cheat sheet for your most used recipes. Stick it on the fridge or in a cupboard for easy access.

I recently asked some of my foodie friends on twitter what their best cooking/organization tip is for busy moms. (If you don’t know or follow these ladies already I highly recommend you check them out—they sure know their stuff!)

@whatscooking – meal planning is key for busy families—helps to reduce last minute mealtime stress.

@simplebites – stock your pantry for success! That is so key for me to maintain sanity and happy tummies for all.

@dinnerwithjulie – Plan! Know how to doll up a can of beans and stock your freezer

@Cheryl_Arkison – have an easily accessed snack area. It’s nice to simply be able to send the kids into the kitchen to grab their own munchies.

@cafe_johnsonia – double recipes and freeze for later. Plan ahead. Shop only once a week.

@Cheryl_Arkison – create zones for tasks in the kitchen. Have a baking zone, with supplies and utensils all in one place.

How about you? What are your best cooking/kitchen tips?


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