Pretty Pick-Me-Up


So we have some good news and some bad news.
Bad news: You’re likely wearing the wrong bra size.

Good news: Now you have the perfect excuse to visit the brand new Victoria’s Secret in Chinook Centre.

This black and hot pink, warehouse-sized, boudoir-esque store showcases all manners of satin, tulle and lace at reasonable prices. Victoria’s Secret opened last week in a hard-to-miss locale (think two-story iconic angels beckoning McLeod Trail commuters).

And no, this is not merely a destination for those in the pre-baby phase of their lives. Although VS does sell their share of push-up bras (even more useful post-nursing), baby doll PJs and garter belts, they also sell full coverage, underwire bras, cotton panties and bathing suit cover-ups—not to mention make-up, skin care products and perfume, athletic wear and their own version of shape-enhancing under garments (Bridget Jones, eat your heart out).


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