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Jan Scott February 16, 2017

Situated in picturesque Victoria, B.C., Amy Bronee, is the chief cook and writer behind Family Feedbag, a blog dedicated to from-scratch cooking for a thoroughly modern family. As a mom of two boys, Amy hones her cooking skills in her little home, while simultaneously teaching her boys about having fun in the kitchen.

I visit Amy’s space on the Internet quite frequently, and was recently bowled over when she shared a recipe for the most beautiful apple pie I’ve seen. Not only can this gal cook, but she’s incredibly creative as well.

Amy was gracious enough to answer some burning questions I had for her, and I have no doubt you will like her, and her blog, as much as I do.

Q: Which ingredient are you currently loving these days?

Amy: Leeks! They add so much flavour to comfort foods like stews and soups. Anywhere I would normally use an onion, substituting leeks adds an interesting flavour. Don’t get me started on bacon and leeks covered and cooked, until they practically melt in your mouth. J’adore! Any dish that starts there will take you good places.

Q: What is the last meal you cooked for your family?

Amy: Sesame chicken with bok choy on rice. I love the flavour of toasted sesame seeds and soy sauce with the silky texture of wilted greens. Healthy and yummy!

Q: What is your ideal cooking soundtrack?

Amy: Jazz, baby! I’m talking the classic stuff. Sassy ladies like Ella Fitzgerald, Etta James, and Billie Holiday are often my companions in the kitchen. Lots of brass, and lots of raspy and heady sounds swirling above me while I chop and stir at the kitchen counter. That’s my idea of pure me-time bliss.

Q: Which do you prefer: chocolate or cheese?

Amy: Seriously?! That’s a tough one. Okay, if I had to choose one I suppose cheese slightly edges out chocolate for me. I mean, is there anything more deliriously naughty than ooey gooey melted cheese stringing from your plate to your fork? Knock me over, I’m in love.

Q: Name the one cooking utensil you can’t live without?

Amy: My chef’s knives. I’m not a big fan of gadgets because I don’t have the storage. Most of my prep is done with a cutting board and chef’s knife. It’s quick and cuts down on clean-up. Plus, chopping up some veggies is actually a great stress-reliever!

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