Fresh Starts


Sometimes to get a fresh start, we need an extra kick where it counts.
No matter how literally we take that’€”kickboxing classes, running programs, yoga sessions’€”the reality is that what we consume plays an equally important role in the mind-body-health connection. Two local companies offer convenient home delivery of goods that can help on the good-for-you food front.

Benourished brings it. The all-Canadian juice cleanse company offers varying levels of detoxifying options to reboot your system. For newbies unsure about cleanses, try the juice and food option to ease you into the world of cleansing.

Developed by experts in nutrition and botanical medicine, the company’€™s super-food-enriched juice recipes (with tempting names like Zesty Lemonade, Red Booster, Almond Bliss and more), contain rich sources of antioxidants you’€™re likely not getting enough of in your everyday diet.

Benourished’€™s extracts the maximum amount of vitamins and nutrients out of vegetables and fruits, then mixes them with ingredients like organic camucamu berry powder (one of the most significant sources of vitamin C). Our favourite part? Benourished bottles are delivered fresh to your door.


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