Back-to-School Accessories Guide


Backpacks and lunch bags, check.
Lunch bag essentials,

But there is still so much more out there that we just can’t resist. In fact, we’ve got 14 items in our Back-to-School Accessories Guide that we think you’ll love.

One shoe, two shoes, red shoes, blue shoes…or how about Dr. Seuss shoes instead? The 80’s are making a comeback in the fashion world, and kids are now calling out for Converse sneakers. Only now these all-star shoes are now sporting some of the classic characters from the books we know and love. Try them, try them, we say. You will like them, yes you may.
Your kids will bubble up with enthusiasm for these adorable bubbles that can function as zipper pulls or necklaces and—even better—can be personalized, making them double as extra-fun labels for your kids’ clothing. They’re also great for little fingers just learning how to handle zippers.

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