Bag Lady


My life is all about bags right now, and I’m not talking about designer ones. Each day is measured by the number of bags that are coming and going in and out of my house, and every night I must ensure that the right bags are packed and ready to go. To give you a sense of what I am talking about, here’s what my mornings look like:

  • Monday – 2 gym bags, 3 book bags
  • Tuesday – 3 book bags, 1 hockey bag, 1 ballet bag
  • Wednesday – 3 book bags (light day)
  • Thursday – 3 book bags, 1 skating bag, 1 ballet bag
  • Friday – 3 book bags, 2 gym bags
  • Saturday – 1 hockey bag, 1 gymnastics bag, 1 squash racket bag
  • Sunday – bag day of rest

Add a few bags of groceries or the birthday gifts I picked up at lunch, a laptop, my lunchbag and my own handbag, and some days we can hit double digits worth of bags that need to be carried into the house at the end of the day. But what gets me the most about the bags is that I am the only one that manages to carry them to and from the car, and let’s just say the chauffeur is not getting any tips for carrying those bags. (And it turns out from talking to other moms in the playground, that this phenomenon is not exclusive to my house.) My New Year’s resolution…to think of ways I can get the kids to carry their own bags. Does anyone have any suggestions for me?




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