Go Loco for Local


The fall growing season is well past, but that doesn’t mean we have to trade in our vine-ripened BC tomatoes for frozen TV dinners. Though the weather may seem dreary to us, it’s par for the course for the increasing number of local producers who embrace the horticultural possibilities that winter offers.
Of course, doing your own shopping at farmgate stands is a lot less tempting than it was when the sun was shining. Fortunately, there are a variety of convenient means to get local food on your dinner table, and none of them involve pulling on your wellies or shivering in the cold.

First off, we’re loving the service provided by spud! Vancouver local delivery service, who take their commitment to local sourcing seriously. Each grocery item is tagged with the number of kilometres it travelled to get to the company’s Vancouver warehouse; customers whose average order travels less than a certain distance are entered in a draw for a jar of Abbotsford honey. This means you may be buying apples from Cawston, in BC’s interior, or artisan-made bread from Vancouver. It might mean lamb from Fort St. John, or Avalon milk from Vancouver’s own in-city dairy. And while some of the products inevitably come from much farther afield (we haven’t noticed many local olive groves, for example), the vast majority of their options are organic, as is 100% of the produce on offer.


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