O! No! There are a lot of stressful food situations on the horizon—breakfast in a rush, peanut-free lunches and easy to eat/easy to prepare afternoon snacks. O! Yes! Bagel Os can help with all these and more (you can even use them as hors d’oeuvres—we like the smoked salmon ones for that). Bagel Os are bite size bagels—the bagel equivalent of a donut hole—filled with cream cheese. They come frozen so you can always have a stash on hand—and they can be ready in just four minutes, from freezer to toaster oven. Available in four different flavour combinations, all peanut-free, they can also be defrosted and kept in the fridge for up to seven days. (Available at Wal-mart and Giant Tiger. Check store locator for other stores, $3.99)


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