Batch Cooking 101: Pesto


Today’€™s post is inspired by reader Michelle, who admits to ‘€˜wanting to get better at batch cooking to fill the freezer,’€™ presumably for easy dinners. I have just the recipe to get her, and hopefully the rest of you, started!
In one word: pesto. This magical fragrant green sauce can quickly jazz up vegetables, pasta, rice, pizza, toast and sandwiches. It’€™s easy to make, and now that basil is at its best (in season), the blossoming bunches are ripe for the picking.

Traditional basil calls for pine nuts but I’€™ve completely skipped them this year; their price has almost doubled recently (thanks to poor crop conditions and labour-intensive harvesting procedures) and other nuts make a suitable replacement. I like to use walnuts or pecans, but usually opt for a nut-free version and use pumpkin seeds in place of any nut. I bolded that last sentence because this means pesto can now make it’€™s way into the school lunchbox!

This pesto is completely freezable, making it totally worth the extra 15 minutes it will take to make a triple batch of this recipe. I like to portion mine out in muffin tins and/or ice cube trays, and my friend Julie has a great idea for using plastic wrap that just might work for you, too.

Find the full printable recipe here: Basil Pesto


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