Beautiful Bottles


Even at Savvy HQ, where we make it our job to stay on top of all things new in the mom and baby world, we’re having a tough time keeping up with the evolution of the bottle. With all the choices available for water bottles, sippy cups and baby bottles (glass, BPA free, stainless steel and every variation thereof). We have a lot to choose from.
One of our latest fave options is the Pura Kiki range of bottles. These stainless steel bottles offer interchangeable lids for baby, toddler and adult so they are rather versatile and very sustainable. The people at Pura actually go so far as to say ‘Kiki is backed by an unprecedented lifetime warranty. Join the legions of happy Kiki users…your baby will thank you!’

We’re not sure your baby will actually ‘thank you’, but you might thank us if you win one of the prizes we have on offer—here’s more about the exclusive SavvyMom contest presented by our partner, Pura.

Once a week for the next 12 weeks one lucky SavvyMom reader will win* a Pura Gift Package valued at $50. Each winner will have their choice of:

  • A Pura Kiki Infant Gift Pack which contains three 5oz Infant Bottles with Slow Flow Nipple
  • A Pura Kiki Toddler Gift Pack which includes one Pura Kiki 11oz Infant Bottle, plus one Pura Kiki 11oz Sippy Bottle, plus one Pura Kiki Fast Flow Nipple
  • A Pura Kiki Adult Gift Pack which contains one one Pura Stainless 1.2L Adult Bottle, plus one Pura Stainless 0.6L Adult Bottle

Enter to win and get helpful tips on what to look for when picking an infant bottle.

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