The Savviest Back to School Guide Ever!

Savvy Back to School Guide - SavvyMom

Introducing our SavvyMom Back to School Guide!

Our Back to School Guide is your savvy secret weapon to mastering this most(ly) wonderful time of the year. Backpacks and lunches and tears, oh my!

Back to School Gear

8 Things a Child Needs Before Starting Kindergarten

8 Things Your Child Needs Before Starting Kindergarten

Starting Kindergarten is a big deal. If your first-born is starting school this year, you may be feeling a little bit overwhelmed (naturally – this is a big step!) and you may be a touch unsure about what they really need. No, your newly-minted Kindergartener doesn’t need a heck of a lot, but there are a few things that will help them start the year off successfully.

Best Kids Backpacks for Back to School - SavvyMom

Best Backpacks for Back to School

Back to school might look a little different, but the best backpacks are versatile. Some kids will be headed back to school in person and will need a bag to tote around all the usual items. Others might be using their sack for different adventures, rambles in the woods, heading to outdoor school, or as a means to organize and contain their virtual learning supplies. No matter the venue, come September our picks for best backpacks will help the kiddos organize and transport all their supplies in a variety of styles, hues, and patterns in keeping with the times.

Best Lunch Bags and Lunch Boxes - SavvyMom

Best Lunch Bags and Boxes

When the kids go back to school, parents go back to making lunches. And while it may not be our most favourite activity, at least we can enjoy packing them into these super cute and very practical lunch bags and boxes for kids. Here are our picks for best lunch bags for this year’s back to school season.

Best Kids Shoes for Back to School - SavvyMom

Best Kids Shoes for Back to School

The right pair of kicks will keep your kiddo feeling comfortable and looking stylish from morning announcements to the dismissal bell. These 11 picks are all great options for parents and kids who want the best kids shoes for back to school.

prevent the summer slide

School Supplies Shopping List by Grade

No back to school guide is complete without a school supplies shopping list. Here’s a helpful shopping list organized by grade. You may not need everything on it, but it’s a great guideline to get you started. Don’t forget to add MASKS.

Fun Stationery Supplies for Back to School - SavvyMom

Fun Stationery Supplies for Back to School

Who says school supplies have to be boring?! Check out these useful but fun stationery supplies for back to school…

College Packing List for Big Kids Going Back to School - SavvyMom

A College Packing List for Big Kids Going Back to School

For some big kids, going back to school means a college packing list. These tips are from my experience with birds leaving the nest for post-secondary education.

Back to School Guide for Lunches & Snacks
(& Breakfasts!)

10 Day Back to School Lunch Plan

SavvyMom’s 10-Day Back-to-School Lunch Plan

Ease into your back-to-school routine with our 10-day school lunch meal plan, complete with recipes. Mix and match the days for your kids’ preferences.

School Lunch Prep Essentials - SavvyMom

12 School Lunch Prep Essentials

After spending most of the past year (and some of the one before) screaming into a pillow while my kids ‘learned’ online, I am actually looking forward to getting back into the school lunch prep routine. Well, truthfully, I’m mostly excited to get them out of the house. If that means dealing with soggy sandwiches and brown apples I’m all for it.

But it’s been a while, so I need to stock up on supplies. If you do too, check out our round-up of essential items to make packing and prepping more of a breeze than ever before.

How to Make Stress-Free School Lunches

It’s just lunch, and surely there are bigger things we need to worry about? Here are a few practical strategies for packing stress-free school lunches.

healthy snack ideas

Easy, Healthy Snack Ideas for School Lunches

Every back to school guide needs an abundance of snack ideas. To take some stress out of school-time snacks, we’ve rounded up 8 easy and delicious healthy snack ideas that are school-safe and picky eater-approved.

breakfast recipes

12 Breakfast Recipes Perfect for Kids (and Their Parents!)

These breakfast recipes might take an extra 30 seconds to make, but the kids will love them. And most can be made ahead and frozen, making them great for snacks, too!

Healthy Snack Ideas for School Lunches

The Best No-Brainer Snack Ideas for School Lunches

Here are a few of our no-brainer, delicious, kid-friendly, and simple (read: you don’t have to be a Pinterest master to make them) school lunch snack ideas.

back to school grocery list - recipegeek-food_talk-your_awesome_mom_kid-approved_back_to_school_grocery_list

Your Kid-Approved Back to School Grocery List

No Back to School Guide is complete without a grocery list. Sit with your kids and write down the things they like and dislike. Then make a kid-approved back to school grocery list to stock up so they can chow down.

Back to School Tips
(For Parents & Kids)

Easy Ways to Make School Mornings Less Hectic

Easy Ways to Make School Mornings Less Hectic

Try practicing some of these things each day (whether you’re leaving the house or not) and when school starts, getting to there on time will be a breeze.

50 Reminders for When School Starts

They already understand the importance of saying “please” and not peeing on the carpet, that stuff is easy. I’m talking about the bigger stuff, like how to be the kind of person you’d be happy to know, and how to navigate this strange new world. So grab a cheese string kids, and listen up, because this is important.

What To Do When Your Potty-Trained Child Starts Having Accidents at School

What to Do When Your Potty-Trained Child Starts Having Accidents at School

For many kids, especially Kindergarteners, incontinence is a very real part of the back-to-school season. Here’s what to do when your potty-trained child starts having accidents at school.

Tips for Easing the Back to School Transition - SavvyMom

5 Ways to Make the Back to School Transition Easier

Back to school doesn’t mean ‘back to chaos’. Check out these 5 steps to help your family ease into your back to school transition…

Back to School Checklist: SavvyMom

The Back to School Checklist

Love it or loathe it, back to school is almost here. And to make it easier on everyone, it’s best to start some prep now to avoid a rough transition. Here are a few quick tasks to tackle for smooth September sailing.

12 Back to School Resolutions

This year we have a lot on the go and it’s my responsibility to keep us rolling. So I’m making some ‘back-to-school’ resolutions that I hope will keep me honest and the whole family on track.

Back to School with an IEP - SavvyMom

IEP Help

If your child is headed back to school with an IEP, here are some strategies to develop a positive relationship with their teachers, so your kids can have a successful year.

School Year Transition for babies and toddlers - SavvyMom

Helping Babies & Toddlers Transition When Your Big Kids Go Back to School

For some of us, the transition back to school leaves our children divided. My four-year-old and six-year-old have gone off to full-day school, leaving my one-year-old at home, where she will remain for the next three years.

5 Back to School Traditions - SavvyMom

Back to School New Traditions

Say goodbye to summer and hello to a new school year with these 5 heart-warming back to school traditions.

Summer Fun Back to School - SavvyMom

Summertime Fun That Helps with Back to School

Incorporating some of these fun activities into your family’s daily routine throughout the end of summer can make for a smoother transition back into school. Find out more.

Back to School Teacher Jitters - SavvyMom

Teacher’s Perspective

The good, the bad, and the hilariously inappropriate. A former teacher spills on first-day jitters, letting loose in the staff room, and a few of the best pics from the vault.


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