Fun Stationery Supplies for Back to School

Fun Stationery and Back to School Supplies - SavvyMom

Well, maybe they’re not thrilled about relinquishing their hold on summer and heading back into a classroom. But we do know that they love fun stationery and fresh new supplies – the cool stuff, from colourful notebooks and pens, to pencil cases and accessories that are just plain awesome. So go on, get creative with school supplies this year to help build excitement for back to school – because it’s coming! Who says school supplies have to be boring?!

Useful but Fun Stationery Supplies for Back to School

Fun Stationery for Back to School: Highlighters - SavvyMom

Pastel highlighters

Why oh why didn’t they have these sweet pastel highlighters in our youth, instead of glaring neon colours? Students actually enjoy making notes with these beauties.

$13.30 – Buy Here

Fun Stationery Clipboard - SavvyMom

Daydreams Clipboard

Clipboards may just be our favourite life hack to keep our kids organized. This one comes with a sweet recycled notepad for all of their daydreams.

$18 – Buy Here

Pen Loop School Supplies - SavvyMom

Pen Loop

This is a fabulous idea – an adhesive pen loop that can be stuck to any binder or notebook. The nifty loops corrals a pen right when and where you need it – next to paper. We love the assortment of colours allowing for some fab mixing and matching.

$6 – Buy Here

Whats Poppin Sticker - SavvyMom

What’s Poppin’ Scratch and Sniff Stickers

Being bribed with scratch and sniff stickers worked on us as kids. Here’s hoping these divinely scented stickers will brighten their outlook.

$8 – Buy Here

Nota Scissors - SavvyMom

Universal Scissors

Finally, scissors that work well and look snazzy, too. These ones in distinctive blue and orange will be easy to identify and they work with a variety of materials.

$14.50 – Buy Here

Stabilo Pen - SavvyMom

Stabilo Pen

Fabulous pen, bright orange colour – if that’s what it takes to get them excited about writing and school, we’ll take it.

$5.45 – Buy Here

Strand Books Tote Bag - SavvyMom

Strand Books Tote Bag

If they love totes – as oh, so many tweens do – they’ll love this large natural tote from the Strand Book Store in NYC (if you know, you know).

$28 – Buy Here

Bed-Desk - SavvyMom

Printed Lap Desk

Lap desks are amazing for everything from playing a game of UNO in the car to serving as a tablet holder while watching on the couch. They’re also fabulous for our kids who like to work or create anywhere other than their actual desks. The cool pattern on this one makes it even easier to love.

$45 – Buy Here

Date Stamp - SavvyMom

Date Stamp

Do your kids like stamping? Most kids do. This date stamp allows them to mark the date on their work with one satisfying imprint.

$10 – Buy Here

Sketchbook Fun Stationery - SavvyMom

Idea Generation Sketchbook

Perfect for writing or drawing, this book also comes with prompts for idea generation as well as problem-solving tips and how-tos about mind mapping and association.

$25 – Buy Here

Fun Stationery Pencil Set - SavvyMom

The Boss Pencil Set

They’ll love subtly telling everyone that they’re the boss with these bright blue pencils. With nine to a pack, they’ll also always have a writing utensil handy.

$12 – Buy Here

Fun Stationery Supplies Battery-Powered Eraser - SavvyMom

Battery Operated Eraser

It seems like a gadget, but it’s actually used by many serious artists. This motorized eraser not only provides control, it’s also just plain neat to use.

$23.50 – Buy Here

Academic Sticker Book - SavvyMom

Planner Stickers

It’s a lot more fun to fill out a planner and get organized with this variety of stickers. Running the gamut from studious to fun, these will be a great addition to a calendar.

$13 – Buy Here

Ice Cream Pouch Coin Purse - SavvyMom

Coin Pouch

For when there’s milk or pizza money for school, or maybe a special treat from the store, this retro coin pouch is a great way to keep everything safe.

$12.50 – Buy Here

Gamer Pencil Case - SavvyMom

Gamer Pencil Case

Our little gamers will be more than happy to keep their erasers and pencils in this cool pouch. It also comes with two classic pencils and is durable enough to last the school year.

$10 – Buy Here

Springback Binders - SavvyMom

Springback Binder

This super well-made binder does a wonderful job at keeping all those loose-leaf papers, drawings and important missives safely ensnared on their way home. Really, it’s as much a benefit for us as it is for them. We love that it holds 150 pieces of paper and comes in stylish colours and design.

$35 – Buy Here

Fun Stationery Supplies: Paint Markers - SavvyMom

Posca Paint Markers

These amazing paint markers are all the rage. They allow for the versatility of paint with all of the control of a marker. No brushes to clean, no water cup to spill – and there are so many colours, you might just find yourself sneaking them to unleash your own creativity.

$5 each – Buy Here

Back to School Agenda - SavvyMom

2022/2023 Agenda

The Original Student Calendar still reigns supreme. We love the super simple and yet useful layout of this agenda, perfect for the kiddos to capture homework assignments and other important events. The cool colours are an added bonus.

$15 – Buy Here


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