The Best No-Brainer Snack Ideas for School Lunches

Healthy Snack Ideas for School Lunches

When it comes to school lunches, I think most of us are over the cute animal-shaped sandwiches and artistically-crafted cheese and fruit concoctions that we’re seeing all over the internet these days.

For most parents, some good snack options that will get eaten are quite enough. And if you can pack delicious options that are quick and easy to put together, well you’ve won the parenting lottery.

Here are a few of our no-brainer, delicious, kid-friendly and simple (read: you don’t have to be a Pinterest master to make them) school lunch snack ideas.

Pretzels & Hummus

Pretzels are basically just a sneaky method for getting hummus into your kid. Give them a yummy treat (like pretzels) and some hummus for dipping and they’ll be getting a great snack. Plus, you can buy hummus in individual-sized little containers, so you can just grab them out of the fridge and pop them into the lunch box.

Yogurt & Homemade Granola

This one requires a little make-ahead preparation, but lots of granola recipes come together in a flash and you can make enough to store for a whole week ahead. Put the yogurt and the granola in two separate containers and let your kid mix them up when it’s time to eat. Simple and delicious! Tip: We like topping with chocolate chips in our house.

apple and seed butter

Apples & Seed Butter ‘Sandwiches’

I have one of those apple slicer/corer things that cuts the apple into slices perfectly in one fell swoop. Then I smear a little seed butter on each slice, smoosh it together with another slice and call them sandwiches. Kids love them and it’s super quick to put together.

Rice Cakes

A good combo of salty and crunchy, my kids love rice cakes in our house. And I like putting them in school lunches because I know that they will be devoured at lunchtime.

Nut-Free Homemade ‘Trail Mix’

Here’s a pro tip: put your kids’ favourite dry cereal, some raisins (or other dried fruit), sunflower seeds and chocolate chips into a container and shake it up. Instant trail mix.



Kids seem to love edamame. You can grab the fresh or frozen kind and toss it into a container for your kids easily. We love it.


No, not twigs. We love to grab pepperoni sticks and those little breadsticks for a quick snack. The breadsticks go well with dips like hummus as well and the pepperoni sticks are just fun and yummy.

Anything That Freezes Well

If you can pull something out of the freezer that you’ve made ahead of time and pop into the kids’ lunch the day of, what could be easier? Here’s a list of 7 school lunch foods that freeze well that could double as a simple, no-brainer snack idea.

With a few of these, you’ll be full of great ideas for a full year of delicious school snacks!


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