Behind the Scenes with the Savvy Team


We had such a great response to our recent holiday slideshow that included everyone from the SavvyMom team. It seems like our readers really loved seeing the faces behind the scenes that are responsible for bringing SavvyMom to them every week. Some readers were struck by how so many of the pictures our team shared were outdoor shots—we’re a healthy bunch who love to get outdoors. Others were just interested in seeing the pictures of our children. And a few were surprised about just how many people it takes to drive the bus we call SavvyMom (sometimes I am too!). Some other answers to your questions:

  • Minnow’s snowman’s name is Louie and the snowwoman’s name is Louise.
  • Sarah’s family is at the top of Deception Pass in Alberta.
  • Yes, Denise really did give birth to those two handsome boys and manages to keep the bikini figure.
  • Sheila’s going rock-climbing—they need to stay safe from falling rock hazards.
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