The Best Gift You Can Send: A Love-Filled, Personalized Card

The Best Gift You Can Send: A Love-Filled, Personalized Card

Cards make me really happy.

I love everything about them. I love sending and receiving mail. I get a thrill out of addressing and sealing envelopes and dropping them into the red Canada Post box on the corner of my street. It makes me smile to know that in a few days, someone special to me will be getting something that surely will make their day. Because who doesn’t love getting mail?

When I was little, I used to beg my mom to let me address envelopes. There was something very solemn and important-feeling about getting down her address book, finding the right name, and carefully (my handwriting has always been nothing short of atrocious) copying out each letter.

As an adult, cards haven’t lost that thrill for me. In fact, I nerd out on them quite a bit. I love popping into the Hallmark store and browsing—their selection is so huge that I never leave the store with only one card. I stash them all in my organizer box and then, when I need one, I love picking out just the right card for the right person. I am always seeing cards I love for this person or that person…I will even admit to holding on to a card for up to a year because it was perfect for a specific friend.

Last year I treated myself to a self-inking stamp with my address on it, and I have a special calligraphy pen for addressing envelopes. I also have special Hallmark Gold Crown stickers to affix on the seal of the envelope (Hallmark gives you these with the purchase of a card as an extra-special touch). These little things all make sitting down to write out a card feel extra special, and I know my loved ones love getting mail with a bit of personality, and well, me, in it.

I also discovered a few years ago that the post office doesn’t care what you write on the envelope, as long as the address is clearly visible. So you can absolutely address a card with a nickname instead of someone’s real name. Which means I now have great fun addressing cards to my sister, for example, using whatever her nickname du jour is.

Some people think of writing cards as a chore, but when I sit down with my fancy pen, my stamp, my stickers, and my handpicked Hallmark cards, it’s fun. And that fun is contagious—the recipients of those cards feel it too.

Hallmark cards can be purchased in Hallmark stores across Canada. If you’re in Toronto this November though—you can get Hallmark cards for free! Hallmark will be distributing free cards to people in Toronto on the weekend of November 25-27. Be sure to take advantage if you’re in town.

Also, join us for a Twitter Party about all things Hallmark, holidays, and cards on Wednesday, November 23 from 8-9PM ET. Follow @SavvyMomdotca, @Hallmark_Canada and #NoOrdinaryCard to join the conversation.


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