The Hottest Stories of 2014


From co-sleeping to cauliflower, listening skills to lunches, we’re counting down the top 14 stories that got you talking, clicking and sharing in 2014.

Here’s what got your attention.

Julia Child’s White Sandwich Bread 
One of our top Savvy Storytellers (and co-author of our new favourite cookbook) blogged about baking up Julia Child’s classic white sandwich bread—and you haven’t been able to get enough. (Best of 2014!)

18 Clever Ideas for Filling Your Kid’s Loot Bags 
Savvy lady and party planner extraordinare Jan Scott admits she’s not the biggest fan of loot bags—at least not the kind filled with sugar and cheap trinkets. So she put together a guide to simple, practical and useful goody bags—you won’t mind handing out these at your child’s next party. (Best of 2014!)

How Your Phone Use is Harming Your Kids 
Parenting Power, aka Julie Freedman Smith and Gail Bell, explained it in no uncertain terms: your cellphone use is hurting your kids and could cause them to act out as they get older. Apparently, it all comes down to eye contact with your babe. Fascinating stuff.  (Best of 2014!)

We rounded up the 14 best stories of the year—see them all here in Your Savvy Year in Review.



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