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Now that you (and your credit card bill) have recovered from the holiday shopping season, it’s understandable that you are hankering for the mall again. Remember how much fun it was dragging the kid(s) around with you?
Well, maybe the mall isn’t such a great idea after all.

But in the peace of the evening, after baby’s in bed, some online shopping could just be the trick to get you through the last few cold dark weeks ‘til spring.

We’ve combed the web to find some fantastic shopping destinations for you. They’re all new Canadian businesses run by moms united in their mission to easily deliver the products they loved for themselves and their babies. They’re also chock-full of lovely and carefully curated goods. (That’s what we’re all about at SavvyMom, and we appreciate it in others.)

You’re sure to find something you need (OK, want). And if not for you, they are all great sources for baby and birthday gifts. (No shopping, wrapping and shipping required.)

imageFor the Interior Designer
honeybunch is a well-priced and stylish (yes, both at the same time) homestore for children, chosen with an editor’s careful eye and a mother’s common sense.


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