Best Seats in the House

There’s been a lot of innovation in the seating arena lately—from toilet seats to high chairs, designers haven’t been ‘lounging around’.

We think you’ll be on the edge of your seat with our first-ever ‘seat guide’ for families:

The Dora potty seat clashes with the bathroom and having to touch it all the time…well, you know what we mean.

The Kohler Transitions Quiet Close toilet seat is designed to accommodate the needs of both adults and children without attaching a separate seat. The child ring with the smaller opening, which just flips up and out of the way when it’s a grown-up’s turn, and the Quiet-Close Quick-Release mechanism (which also allows the seat to be removed for easy cleaning of hard to reach areas) help you avoid some of the common toilet-training impediments—fear of falling in and fear of getting fingers pinched.

Available from TAPS Bath Center and various Home Depot locations across Canada (approx. $70)


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