Blackberry Crumb Bars


Picnic season is officially upon us, and I couldn’€™t be happier. There’€™s some sort of magical law that makes anything eaten outdoors taste better automatically. So I try and take full advantage of dining al fresco whenever the opportunity presents itself. Plus, there’€™s also the bonus of not having to clean the dining room table that’€™s usually littered with tiny crumbs and water spills.
In an effort to come up with something other than cookies to tuck into our picnic basket, I baked up these blackberry crumb bars. Not only are they incredibly tasty, and not too sweet, they’€™re also versatile and can be customized with whatever berry is in season. They travel well, and make just enough to feed a large group without too many leftovers.

I froze a few extra pieces that I had on hand to see how they would hold up, and I actually enjoyed them a little more after they were chilled. In the future, I will likely pop these into the freezer as soon as I cut them, and then I’€™ll pack them up straight from there. By the time we eat, they’€™ll be cool yet soft, and perfectly pleasant for a hot afternoon.

What are some of your favourite picnic snacks to pack?

Find the full printable recipe here: Blackberry Crumb Bars


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