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Books About Puberty for Boys - SavvyMom

Recently I had to admit to myself that my oldest son has reached a certain age. One where we’d need to have the puberty talk. An ever-expanding list of questions about bodies – both his and others’ – along with some noticeable (read: stinky) changes to his own body were clear signs that it was time. It’s time to learn about puberty for boys.

Our family has never shied away from talking about bodies – their processes are natural, after all! But, I only know about puberty from my experience as someone assigned female at birth, not male. And my partner, like me, has never had this type of conversation before, and so much has changed in terms of language and inclusivity since we came of age, we wanted to get it right. We needed reinforcements.

I started researching books about puberty for boys in the hopes that someone out there wiser than myself had a sort of handbook that would not only answer any questions our boys might have, but keep the doors of communication open between them and us. I was pleasantly surprised to find there were actually a good many books that tackled everything from the science behind puberty changes to other body-related topics like consent and gender identity. Here are a few of the best options.

Books About Puberty for Boys:

Guy Stuff: The Body Book for Boys - SavvyMom

Guy Stuff: The Body Book for Boys

This was the first book we decided upon, based on the recommendation of our local independent kids’ bookstore. It is easy to read and contains clear yet fun illustrations of different features of puberty. I also liked that it covered other aspects of personal health including hygiene, nutrition, exercise, and mental health. It’s basically a book about caring for one’s whole body. The language is really approachable – my oldest is 10 and could read the book without assistance. It now sits on our bookshelf for easy access, and I’ve caught both boys flipping through on their own on several occasions.
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Puberty Is Gross But Also Really Awesome - SavvyMom

Puberty Is Gross but Also Really Awesome

Puberty is gross, there’s no denying that. I liked that this book didn’t shy away from the reality of many of our body’s more yucky changes. As any parent of boys surely knows, boys are drawn to gross things, so I think it also made it more appealing to my sons. It uses jokes and fun facts to help educate youngsters while also keeping the topic lighthearted. Parents will also appreciate that it covers topics such as bullying, gender identity, and “taboo” topics such as masturbation.
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Books About Puberty for Boys: The Boys' Body Book - SavvyMom

The Boys Body Book

Revised and updated, this book about puberty for boys is another comprehensive guide for a healthy and happy self. Written by a nurse, it covers everything from body changes to planning for college, giving pre-teen boys the answers they need to prepare for puberty and beyond. It also covers internet safety, emotional well-being, personal boundaries, stress management, and how to build healthy relationships. The author is also a stand-up comic, and writes to appeal to the humour of growing boys.
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Books About Puberty for Boys: Guy Talk - SavvyMom

Guy Talk: The Ultimate Boy’s Body Book with Stuff Guys Need to Know while Growing Up Great!

This advice-packed book for boys helps pre-teens navigate all things puberty and growing up. It features plenty of up-to-date information and contains thoughtful illustrations that showcase bodies of all shapes, abilities, and sizes. The book focuses on various aspects of both physical and mental health, and covers everything from body changes, personal hygiene, and healthy eating, to tips for having conversations about sensitive topics.
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The Boys Guide to Growing Up - SavvyMom

The Boys Guide to Growing Up

For young boys approaching puberty, this book provides a friendly and positive guide as to what types of changes their body is about to undergo. It covers everything about puberty for boys, from body hair and vocal changes, to mood swings and self-esteem with candor and reassurance. If your son is curious about the changes that girls experience during puberty, this book has a section on that, too.
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When Young People with Intellectual Disabilities and Autism Hit Puberty - SavvyMom

When Young People with Intellectual Disabilities and Autism Hit Puberty

This book is more of a guide for parents than kids, but I think it’s incredibly important to include in this list. The topic of health, sexuality, and relationships is often neglected for kids with disabilities and neurodivergence, and it shouldn’t be. While I haven’t personally dug into this book (yet!), several parents in one of my support groups recommended this one. This book is centred around issues related to puberty and emerging sexuality in children with disabilities and/or autism. It covers physical changes, mood swings, and sexual behaviour. Case studies are presented alongside practical guidance on how to overcome problems that commonly arise in kids with differences.
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