Build a New Adventure Every Day


We want them to be smart. We want them to be independent. We want them to be happy. And it’s our job to foster these skills at an early age (no pressure there). So in the early developmental years, moms naturally seek out toys that can help with this task.
For over 50 years, The LEGO® Company has developed products that help kids use their imagination and express their creativity. By building and rebuilding, children can create new masterpieces every day. Now with LEGO® DUPLO®, kids as young as eighteen months can begin creating and developing their imagination. LEGO® DUPLO® are twice the size of the classic LEGO® brick, making it an ideal fit for your young child’s hand. Even better, the LEGO® DUPLO® bricks are compatible with all LEGO® building bricks so as your child grows, their LEGO® collection grows with them.

To get your new LEGO® DUPLO® protégé started, accept that all the pieces will need to be dumped on the floor (yes, dumping is allowed). That way all of the pieces can be found easily. Play with your toddler and help him/her to see what fun shapes and objects can be made. Most 18 month olds won’t be able to build on their own right away (no matter how advanced they are). But in no time Jack and Jill will be sorting, stacking, learning to count and more—all on their own. Another fun activity for toddlers is to challenge them to a building contest. Using LEGO® DUPLO® bricks, see who can build the highest tower within a set amount of time—whoever builds the highest tower wins.

The LEGO® Company has always known that creativity and imagination are the cornerstone for childhood development, and it’s why moms trust them. Witness the joy of building and the pride of creation in your child, even if they are just beginning to build and create.

Then watch them grow up to be smarter than you.


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