A New Zen


little hippies yoga

Looking to stretch your kids’ horizons this year? Turn them into little hippies—yoga style.

With the constant snow and cold, we’re all about warming up to something new. Little Hippies Yoga gets kids off on the right foot—physically, mentally and socially. Courses are available for kids aged 6 months (Mums & Bubs) all the way up to 12 years (Yoga Flow) and range from 30 to 60 minutes in length. There are two studios, in the NW and SW, and both offer drop-in classes. 

Little Hippies introduces kids to yoga postures by using themes such as adventure or animal postures. We love that they incorporates games, music, storytelling and art in order to create a playful atmosphere. It’s not your typical Zen, but it works.

If you want a bit of bendy fun for an upcoming birthday celebration, party packages are also available, as are camps and workshops.

We love that there are even specialized classes for children with mental or physical disabilities, and that their foundation is focused on providing free yoga to kids who are recovering from illness, or are from low-income families.

It’s a new year. Go with the flow.

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