French Fashion Finds


Shopping for kids can be a lot more fun than shopping with kids. This is especially true if you have a chance to take advantage of a civilized visit to French-inspired children’s boutique Coco & Charlie.
Located in Britannia Plaza (corner of Elbow Dr. and 49 Ave), alongside other shopping delights such as Sunterra Market and Owl’s Nest Books, Coco & Charlie is appropriately fanciful, fun and hassle-free.

We love Coco & Charlie’€™s pretty chandeliers, upholstered children’s chairs and private change rooms. Your children will love Djeco’s pretty parasols (they look like Chinese paper but are seasonally-waterproof), M.andonia Kids’€™ coated fabric Little Kiss bags (we want one too) and a pair of Frankie Ray children’s sunglasses.

Car parking is easy with spots out front and kids will happily park themselves at the self-directed play area indoors while you fill your basket. Check out clothing from Canadian designers Sweet Peanut and Mini Mioche, as well as one of our West Coast favourites, Tea.

Super cute (and just a little bit fancy) bathing suits by Kate Mack will help you look forward to a day at the Riley Park wading pool, while rash guards and bottoms by Cabana Life will keep the July sun off delicate arms and bellies.

Good to know: There are two hidden sale closets near the back of the store (one for clothing and the other for shoes) that we almost missed.

From birthday purchases (did we mention the toys?) to school shoe shopping, a trip to Coco & Charlie is a low(er) stress shopping experience. Just look for the ‘€˜Child at Heart’€™ awning (the new sign is coming). Tested by Heather J., Calgary


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