Get Your Baby’s Groove On



Life as a new mom is all about multitasking. So when we see an opportunity to bond with our baby and improve those cognitive connections at the same time, we say ‘ay caramba!’

Zumbini is where the science of child development meets the magic of Zumba—the Latin-inspired dance party. Though Zumbini isn’t a fitness class, you’ll still be very active in this parented class for babes six weeks to three-years-old.

Certified instructor and energetic mama Pamela Murphy of SPARKLE Fitness will take you through a 45 minute music and movement experience as you sing, dance and let loose on drums and other instruments kids love (but parents aren’t keen to have in the house).

Fret not, no previous Zumba experience is necessary, but you will find it’s a gentle way to reintroduce groovin’ to your postpartum bodies. Plus, holding your tot throughout the class only increases the calorie burn!

Classes (from $52–$125) run 7–10 weeks starting in January at MacKenzie Towne Hall, Auburn house and Cranston Century Hall. You can sign up through each community association.

Time to ditch Dora and vamanos to Zumbini! If you’re looking for even more ways to start the new year off right, check out these 8 Places to Get Fit in Calgary


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