Solutions for Sleep Deprived Parents


Raymond Parenting

We all know that sleep is the secret elixir to a happy mommy and a happy baby.

But those words feel like salt in a wound for parents who are sleep deprived. To those parents, we are here to tell you that coffee is not your best friend, but Raymond Parenting might be. Kitty Raymond, a pediatric sleep specialist, provides parents with tips and tricks to help them teach their children (from baby’s first few months to the pre-school years), how to become sound sleepers, toilet trained Olympians and awesome eaters.

Besides learning sound sleep strategies, we loved that Kitty also delivers her tips through audio guides on setting healthy limits and moving our wee-ones from a crib to bed. Suddenly we feel more empowered in tackling these pesky issues.

Because every mom needs a little extra help from time to time.

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