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InGym Ottawa

The family that plays together stays together—stays fit, healthy, and happy, that is. Which is why we’re excited about the newly launched family fitness facility, inGym, offering a great selection of family intramural sports just in time for spring.

The set-up is simple: mixed teams of adults and kids compete in fun games of ball hockey, volleyball, basketball, and (take heart!) dodgeball. Kids compete against kids in one shift, then parents take a turn, so everyone stays active and involved. Call up your cousins, neighbours, and friends and put together your own squad, or sign up two or three family members and join an existing team.  

For the less team oriented, try parent and child drop-in karate on Wednesdays and Sundays, or fit in some family zen time with a new yoga class.

The wide-open space of a gym is the perfect (and inexpensive) venue for a great big birthday party, too. Kids can invite their whole class so everyone will have plenty of room to move, groove, and stay active.

We think parenting should be a participation sport, not a spectator one. Get off the sidelines and play! 

If you’re looking for more ways to keep them active, we’ve got 10 Sports Classes for Kids in Ottawa


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