Entertaining Etiquette: 5 Tips for Planning a Shower

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Even though the snow is still covering the ground, shower season is right around the corner. If you happen to be planning one of these life celebrations in the coming months, here are a few helpful hints and etiquette tips to keep your party planning running smoothly.
When should the shower be held?

In most cases, four to six weeks before the big event is ideal. There are a few instances where people prefer to have a baby shower after the wee one’€™s arrival and that’€™s perfectly fine, too.

When should the invitations be sent out?

These should be mailed/emailed three to four weeks before the shower date. Be sure to include the essential information: guest of honour’€™s name, host’€™s name, shower date, time and location, and RSVP information. While there is no need to include gift details on the invitation, you can offer clues like ‘€œBeth’€™s having a girl’€ etc.

What about registry information’€”should that be included in the invitation?

No. The host should have the information on hand and ready to share if she’€™s asked about it, but to include it in the invitation might make the shower seem like a gift-grab.

Who should host the shower?

Proper etiquette states that a close family member of the guest of honour should never host a shower in case it comes across as though they are petitioning for gifts. Close friends, aunts, sisters-in-law and co-workers are ideal hosts, although a family member can do it as long as there is a legitimate reason (maybe the guest of honour lives away from their hometown and their mother hosts a shower so her childhood friends can attend).

What should be served at a shower?

There are no hard and fast rules here, but a shower is usually held in the afternoon, between lunch and dinner. Because of the time of day, lighter fare and finger foods are the norm. Think about spiced nuts, classic deviled eggs, and shrimp crostini, and simple drinks like sparkling lemonade or party punch.

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