Baby Sprinkle 101


A lot of things have changed between birthing my first baby 15 years ago and my third just this past February. One new trend in particular that has come to my attention is the ‘baby sprinkle,’ a term that didn’t exist back in 2000 but one that’s becoming increasingly popular today.

Do you know what it means if you receive an invitation to a baby sprinkle? Until recently, I wouldn’t have either, but here’s the 411 on this emerging trend:

What is a Baby Sprinkle?

A baby shower is often held for a first-time mommy-to-be, while a ‘sprinkle’ honours the arrival of a subsequent child.

Are Encore Baby Showers Controversial?

While the idea is charming and supportive, a baby sprinkle is not without controversy. According to a forum on, many people say they feel it’s tacky to ask for gifts over and over again and this sweetly named event is just an excuse to have an encore baby shower. However, according to it’s perfectly fine to have another baby shower. In order to practice proper etiquette, invite only immediate family and very close friends, or those who weren’t able to attend a shower for a previous child

The Gifts

The general consensus surrounding a baby sprinkle is that there is no registry for gifts. Also, moms shouldn’t feel too guilty about accepting bounty for their babies. In my experience, people are going to generously purchase gifts for second or later babies, even without a formal event penciled onto the calendar.

My Take

My take on this new phenomenon is this: today’s parents want to celebrate every second of parenthood and a baby sprinkle fits in with that growing trend. It’s also an adorable way to get an older sibling-to-be involved in the anticipation and planning of a new arrival. Now I’m curious—what’s your take on this new idea? Did you have more than one baby shower?


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