Stage a Family Outing with Stage West for Kids


Dining out with small kids is a little like waiting for a bomb to go off. Everything may tick along quietly at first only to end explosively with the littles screaming, squirming and trying to escape.

That’s where Stage West for Kids comes in. Designed specifically for families with young kids, this lunch-show combo offers a great way to enjoy each other as a family without the panic of how to keep ’em entertained. The buffet lunch boasts a cornucopia of kids’ faves, including pizza, hot dogs, chicken strips and to-die-for desserts. There are salads and other options for adults as well, but be prepared to reconnect with your childhood comfort foods. (Note: The adult buffet/show for regular productions is definitely worth trying—it makes for an excellent date night!) Be sure to keep some cheese, crackers and other little nibblies on the table after the main meal so you have something to snack on during  the performance—your kids will thank you.

We love that the actors often engage with the kids before the show. The plays are reminiscent of old interactive pantomimes, and that helps keep those extra-squirmy audience members engaged. The shows use classic stories, but with a twist to spice things up. Tickets are all inclusive—no need to worry about waiting to pay the bill. If you end up purchasing something extra (a little vino perhaps?), be sure to pay your server before the play starts so you can head out at the end without any hassle. Shows run during designated weeks on Saturdays (lunch only). The current production of Goldilocks and the Three Bears runs until June 13.

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