Summer in the City


When it comes to summer, kids are kicking the door down to run out and play. These Calgary camps will have them stretching their muscles in new ways, and keep you from dashing around to find something to keep them busy.

Track Attack 
For kids who love to ‘dash,’ or are interested in learning the fundamentals of track and field, the Track Attack week-long camp is a great choice. Head Coach and creator Tara Dressler is both a national medalist and elementary teacher who wanted to create a space for kids ages 4 to 14 to learn track and field skills with a focus on attaining a personal best rather than winning. No previous skills are required—just a passion for running, jumping and having fun.

5 Elements
Try a camp that packs some punch. At 5 Elements, future ninjas are introduced to a variety of martial arts, sparring and even some weapons training. With excursions to Fish Creek and Chinatown, we love that the kids get to dive into the art of making sushi, too. No experience is needed—just a desire to kick things up a notch. Classes are also offered year-round for all ages, and happily accommodate kids with special needs. We say ‘hi-ya’ to that!

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