Top Two Toddler Food Groups

SavvyMom January 12, 2017

We’re not the betting type at Savvy HQ, but we’re willing to wager that there are some short people in your home who are big fans of pizza and poutine. Yes? It’s time to take them to one of these two family-friendly eateries that feature both toddler food groups prominently.

If you’re looking for a pizza to perk you up, Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria serves up thin crust pizza in two sizes: adult and child (aka the ‘pizzetta’). Whether you’re in the mood for vintage Italian, something a little out of the ordinary (Moo Shu BBQ Duck anyone?) or you have a classic pepperoni lover in the fam, the low-in-gluten crust is a bonus you can keep to yourself.  Knowing that the tomatoes are imported from Italy to truly enhance the flavour, you’ll be sure to ask for extra sauce. Kids will love watching their pizzas cook in the large, circulating oven while you’ll love getting a gourmet experience without having to hire a babysitter.  With three locations currently in Calgary, note that Westhills has one opening up in the near future.

If you’ve got your eye on some fries, consider a road trip out to Canmore to visit La Belle Patate. Located just outside of downtown, the cozy spot offers a range of Quebec-influenced dishes. You’ll find several delish poutine options, ranging from the classic curds and gravy to the Ian Poutine (bacon, smoked meat and onions) to Mexican and Italian variations of the dish and more. We love the Montreal smoked meat sandwich and their stacked ‘Belle burgers’. Their ‘steamies’ (classic hot dogs) topped with coleslaw are a great option for smaller appetites. Covered in hockey paraphernalia, and with a mom-and-pop country restaurant feel, this neighbourhood joint is a popular spot.

Pizza or poutine? Now that’s a good question.

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