Why We ♥ Calgary

SavvyMom January 12, 2017

The wonderful thing about Valentine’€™s Day is the opportunity to reflect on all the things you love’€”including the very city that you call home.
Since Robyn, our Calgary editor, is new to town this year, she’€™s still in the early stages of the relationship’€”the infatuation stage. So every day she finds another reason to heart Calgary.
She loves the vast sky, the incredible communities, the mountains and the fact that it’€™s a city that is growing fast. But the place that has stolen her family’€™s heart is the Calgary Farmers’€™ Market:

“Saturday mornings are spent at the Southland Leisure Centre for skating and swimming lessons, followed by a visit to the market. While we love to frequent all of Calgary’€™s farmers’€™ markets (including Kingsland Market and Crossroads Market), we now find ourselves always heading to Calgary’€™s Farmers’€™ Market for two main reasons’€”the vendors and Barn Yard Kids.

After indulging in a yummy lunch from one of the diverse vendors, we let the kids roam through the enclosed play area while we do some shopping. Bison sausages and hot dogs from Olson’€™s High Country Free Range Bison are a priority, as well as some savoury meals from Simple Simon Pies. A trip to Stock & Sauce Co. for some soup testers and a chance to sample the amazing pie at the Saskatoon Berry Farm booth are other faves.

With so many foods and gifts to explore for all ages, it’€™s one of our favourite destinations and as such, was the big ‘€˜heart’€™ winner this year. (There’€™s even Choklat to indulge in.)”

There’€™s so much more in Calgary to love’€”here are 10 Reasons to Love Calgary this Valentine’€™s Day.

Tested by Robyn B., Calgary

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